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Event Tyres, the surprise of the test!

Tyre magazines often publish tyre tests in which they compare premium brand tyres, occasionally adding one budget tyre to see how it differs from the premium brands. Alternatively, in the Quattroruote test that appeared in the November issue of the Italian magazine, 4 budget tyres were tested and compared to one premium tyre, to see if a lower price also really means lower level of quality.


For this reason Quattroruote purchased 4 budget tyres online, namely the Event Futurum Hp, the Goodride RP28, the Radar RP X20 and the Star Performer UHP 1, as well as the premium Pirelli Cinturato P, all in the size 205/55R16. After fitting the tyres on a BMW 118d, the tyres were tested on the track on dry breaking, wet breaking and wet handling.


The magazine writes that in dry conditions there were already some differences, but in the wet the differences became more obvious: between the Pirelli and the Goodride breaking from 100 km per hour showed a difference of 10 meters.


While looking at the results, in which the Pirelli serves as a reference, the Event tyre is clearly the best of the tested budget tyres, with impressive margins. In the dry breaking the Pirelli breaks 2,1 meters in front of the number two, Event Futurum HP (36.9 meters). Followed by the Star Performer, with 37,6 meters, the Radar with 38 and the Goodride with 38.9 meters.


In the wet Pirelli uses a breaking distance of 49.6 meters, while the Event needs 51.2 meters. The 1,6 meter is not a slight difference, but both certainly break free from the other test products: 56.7 meters for the Star Performer, 57.9 meters for the Radar, 59.6 meters for the Goodride. This is also the situation in case of the wet handling test. The difference between the first two and the other three is embarrassing. 1'50''8 for Pirelli, 1'51''7 for the Event, while the third classified 1'59''9

Source: https://www.pneusnews.it/2018/03/16/quattroruote-testa-prodotti-economic...

About Event Tyres
Event Tyres B.V. provides affordable quality tyres.

We offer an excellent collection of modern patterns which are made with a balanced mix of raw materials and produced in a technologically advanced production process.  Our main goal is the extension of our product line in order to become a more important player in the tyre market. In order to obtain this goal, we greatly value feedback from our customers.


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The ML698+ is a new pattern, replacing the ML698 pattern. The tread pattern of the ML698+ has been designed to provide the best possible traction on all types of terrain. The block patterns of the tyre are highly flexible to evacuate both mud and water, for on and off road use. Whether driving through snow, rain, mud or on clear roads the ML698+ ensures a safe journey whatever the weather.


Our new 4 season pattern! More information will follow soon                                                                                                


The Event ML609 represents the right choice of tyre enabling driving at the highest level of safety at full capacity, especially in a more urban environment. Optimized compound and special tread design of the tyre shoulder have been engineered to ensure stability, providing safety on wet and light snow covered roads. Transversal grooves with fine siping are combined to achieve the best possible traction.


The Event ML605 has been specifically designed to meet the demands of professional driving. The highest standard of quality ensures the ML605 meets the demanding driving conditions of today’s commercial light truck vehicles. The ML605 excels in performance and efficiency.

ML698 4x4

The tread pattern of the ML698 has been designed to provide the best possible traction on all types of terrain. The block patterns of the tyre are highly flexible to evacuate both mud and water, for on and off road use. Whether driving through snow, rain, mud or on clear roads the ML 698 ensures a safe journey whatever the weather.


The off-road LIMUS range from Event tyres has a number of sizes and is designed to perform on the motorways and roads with engineered rugged good looks and race-proven performance. The pattern ensures you a safe journey whatever the road conditions or weather. Exceptional traction over all terrains. The Limus 4 x 4 tyre is available for many light truck applications.


Event Tyres have always been very well respected by the trade and consumers alike for producing class leading 4x4 tyres such as the legendary ML698. The end result of harnessing all the attributes from past products and using the latest technology to its limits brings you these new high performance road tyres. These  products are perfect for the SUV / owner who wishes to enhance the performance of their vehicle and gain exceptional value for money. The tyres offer fantastic levels of grip, road holding and steering response. They are also beautifully quiet on the highway.


The Futurum HP is a pattern specially designed to elevate the performance of traction and manipulation on wet and dry roads. The pattern is designed to suit the majority of modern passenger cars.


The Futurum GP is a modern pattern designed to provide a substantial performance and ensures stability in all weather conditions. This pattern is designed to ensure good shock absorption and it increases driving comfort. Steel belted radial tyre manufactured to the highest standards for all distances. A good quality tyre  at an attractive price.


The Potentem UHP is a pattern that handles the road, enhanced high speed, stability and endurance. A pattern designed specifically to meet the demands of a sportive driver. With their advanced technology and unique tread designs, Potentem patterns makes sense of your cars power. Superior and save performance for your car.