Futurum GP: With the Futurum GP range, Event Tyres offers safe and cost-conscious tyres developed for compact & mid-size cars. This patterns allows for a comfortable every day drive with low external noise and good handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Futurum HP: The high performance passenger car tyre offered by Event Tyres in 13 to 16 inch sizes is the Futurum HP. This pattern ensures a smooth ride and with its additional rib. These tyres also have excellent water drainage. The Futurum HP tyres are thus a great option for driving in both rain and sunshine.

Potentem UHP: Event’s flagship passenger car pattern is the Potentem UHP. This pattern, designed for high performance and luxury cars, offers shorter breaking distances and a premium performance under high speed. The Potentem UHP tyres are designed for increased ground contact and thus offer a great level of grip, even under wet circumstances, while keeping the noise emissions to a minimal. This leading pattern is available in a wide range and suitable for staggered fitments.

Semita SUV: The Semita SUV is the tyres for the on-the-road SUV-user. These tyres assure a smooth ride and provide great adhesion to wet and dry roads. With the Semita SUV, Event tyres offers a great value-for-money SUV tyre for daily usage.


Limus: The Limus 4x4 tyres are the perfect fit for those drivers who regularly face even and relatively un-even terrain on their daily drive. This pattern, also available for light truck applications, offers the essential level of traction and ensures a safe journey in all weather conditions.

ML698+: Succeeding the renowned ML698 pattern, the ML698+ pattern is the true on-and off-road pattern in the Event range. The ML698+'s rugged appearance is shapen by its block structure which enhances the ML698+'s off-road performances. Whether driving through rain, mud or on clear roads the robust ML698+ ensures you of a safe journey.


ML605: For those cost-conscious drivers looking for a well-balanced performance of their commercial vehicle there is the ML605 pattern. This robust pattern offers a comfortable ride even in loaded conditions and has proven itself as the trustworthy choice.

ML609: For the latest generation of commercial vans and transporters Event Tyres offers the ML609. This pattern provides the needed reliability for intensive daily usage. Event Tyres offers car-like handling of your commercial vehicle thanks to this though yet affordable quality tyre. Even at full capacity the ML609 offers stability, safety and the best possible traction.


Admonum 4S: The Admonum 4S is the competitively priced all-season PCR tyres in the Event Tyres range. This tyre offers great performances no matter the season, making it a full-fledged all-season tyre. Its great interaction with snow is verified by the three-peak mountain snow flake (3PMSF) and M+S symbols on these all-season tyres. The Admonum 4S thus is capable of providing you with control all year long.



Admonum VAN 4S: The Admonum VAN 4S is the all-season option for light truck applications offering a comfortable driving experience throughout the year. Having obtained the 3PMSF and M+S marks this tyre can match the performances of winter tyres, while at the same time offering the advantages of a summer tyre. The Admonum VAN 4S could thus be your ideal pattern all year long.